CWG Insulation Contractors

We are a locally owned and operated company specialising in the manufacture, supply and installation of thermal and accoustic insulation and cladding in Townsville and the North Queensland region.

Insulation Services Include:

Insulation Contracting
Insulation Contractors

Specialists in the installation of insulation for Acoustic or Hot and Cold applications. We can help with the design to suit your application and budget ... more >>>

Metal Fabrication
Fabricated Pipe Cladding

We operate the latest machinery and equipment to supply fabricated pipe cladding sections up to 1mm thick to the customer's specifications all ready for installation ... more >>>

Sheetmetal Cladding
Boilers heaters and silos

Workshop for all types of work in the industrial field including super heaters, silos, boilers, large ductwork, precipitators and the Cladding of heating system pipework ... more >>>

High Temperature Work
Insulated high temperatuare boilers

Supply and installation of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Systems for all Marine applications... more >>>
Also is a licensed Asbestos removalist company. ... more >>>

CWG Insulation Contractors do more than insulate new plant and equipment.

With the soaring cost of energy comes the awareness of the need for energy conservation and efficiency and both designers and operators of plant are becoming more and more conscious of savings in operational costs to be experienced through careful design of insulating systems.

We can supply and install prefabricated insulation products that provide a number of very significant benefits for the owners of industrial plants where large volumes of insulation material are required.