CWG Insulation Contractors

CWG Insulation Contractors provide industrial insulation services in mining and mineral processing, marine industries, aluminium smelting and refining, water treatment, steam raising, sugar production, oil & gas, petrochemical and steel.

Standards and Practices at CWG:

cwg workshopIn addition we provide a high level of technical backup with the support of a strong local team.

Even the most demanding fabrication work such as is required for insulated high temperature boilers, precipitators and tankers, is completed by our metalworkers.


CWG Insulation Contractors use the finest-quality materials and the machinery and equipment we have available allows us to maintain the highest quality fit, finish and repeatability between product runs.

Furthermore, CWG maintains an in-house Quality Assurance programme and our skilled trades people maintain the highest level of quality and assure that the product you receive is the best available.


cwg workshopCWG Insulation Contractors understand that your work is deadline driven, so we specialise in delivering your order, complete and on time. Your order can be delivered as a complete package or phased onto the job, as you need it.


Every order undertaken by CWG Insulation Contractors is a custom job, built to your specifications and time schedule. This assures that the materials used and construction methods employed are a perfect match for your application. With CWG you never have to "make do" with marginal materials, even in the most
demanding situations.


CWG Insulation Contractors can provide you with a full range of sheetmetal products from clean room ductwork to blowpipe and heavy gauge grease duct.

Galvanized steel, Zincalume and Colorbond can be fabricated for your cladding and ductwork requirements.


cwg boilerCWG Insulation Contractors have consistently provided a high level of customer service and responsiveness to meet our customers' needs.

Our staff are personable people who have an intimate knowledge of your industry and are dedicated to providing you with premium-quality products at a reasonable cost. We specialise in production for jobs on tight schedules and have the ability to meet these schedules.


CWG Insulation Contractors pride ourselves on promoting safety within the workplace. Our goal is to maintain an incident free workplace and we have achieved this by providing our specialised team with regular safety training.


CWG Insulation Contractors will deliver and install your order to your jobsite or other location as required. Cladding and ductwork can also be delivered fully assembled on site to suit your needs.