CWG Insulation is the North Queensland distributor for Morgan Thermal Ceramics.

Ceramic Blanket

Temperature: 1260°c
Density: 96kg/m3 
Thickness: 13mm – 50mm

Ceramic Board

Temperature: 1100°c
Density: 320kg/m3
Thickness: 6mm – 50mm
Width: 610mm
Length: 1m

Ceramic Paper

Temperature: 1260°c
Density: 128kg/m3
Thickness: 3mm – 6mm
Width: 610mm
Length: 15m

Ceramic Needlefelt

Silica needlefelt is produced using silica fibre. With its high silica content, silica Needlefelt is non-flammable and suitable for temperate applications up to 1000°C.

FireMaster Marine Insulation

Temperature: 1200°c
Density: 64kg/m3
Thickness: 30mm – 50mm
Width: 610mm
Length: 3.66m, 4.2m, 4.88m, 6m
Coating: + Plain
                    + Foiled

VTack 2211M Reinforced Foil Tape

Width: 80kg/m3 – 200kg/m3
Roll Length: 50m
Certification: Marine Grade
IMO Resolution
MSC 307(88) (2010 FTP Code): Annex 1: Part 5

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