CWG Rockwool products are made of fine basalt which is pulled into 4-7um non-continuous fibres. Rockwool products can be used in applications up to 650°C.

Rockwool has good heat insulation, fire resistance, and sound absorption properties. It is also pest proof, has stable chemical properties and does not contain asbestos.

It can come with a galvanised wire mesh or stainless steel wire mesh, foil faced or with a fibreglass cloth coating.

Rockwool Blanket

Thickness:25mm – 75mm
Length:3m – 5m
Coating:+ Fibreglass cloth
                  + Foil facing
                  + Fibremesh
(galvanised or stainless steel)

Rockwool Board

Density: 80kg/m3 – 200kg/m3
Thickness:25mm – 100mm

Rockwool Pipe

Density:100kg/m3 – 150kg/m3
Pipe ID:22mm – 610mm
Wall Thickness:25mm – 200mm

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