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Insulation Contracting

We can supply and install prefabricated insulation products that provide a number of very significant benefits for the owners of…

Asbestos Removal

CWG Insulation Contractors has extensive knowledge and trained staff to deal with any issue that may arise…

Marine Insulation

CWG Insulation Contractors can supply and install Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Systems for all Marine applications.

Metal Fabrication

CWG Insulation Contractors can supply pre fabricated pipe sections and fittings manufactured to industry standard witup…

Acoustic Insulation

Social and Industrial Noise related issues have become more focused upon in recent years Acoustic insulation Systems.

Polyurethane Foam

CWG Insulation Contractors can supply and fabricate various types of cladding materials for any application that may be required…

About Us

at CWG Insulation Contrators

CWG Insulation is a locally owned and operated company specialising in the manufacture, supply and installation of thermal and acoustic insulation and cladding in Townsville and the North Queensland region. We also distribute our products and accessories throughout Queensland.

Established in 1995, CWG Insulation Contractors has been providing Insulation Services to a variety of industries and companies

  • Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Marine Industries

  • Sugar Refining
  • Metal Smelters and Refineries

  • Steam Generated Power and Processing

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Plant

  • Chilled Water and Air-Conditioning

  • Asbestos Removal and Containment